Strategic Approach

“The idea isn’t difficult. The execution’s a bitch.”

You should be spending money on getting people to think and behave the way you want, cost-effectively.

Seems simple, no?

Well, not so much.

There’s knowing your business well enough to establish effective internal strategies for growth. There’s really knowing who your customers are, who your audiences are and what could move them in your direction. Then there’s deciding what promises you can make that you can keep that are believable, persuasive and can be communicated cost-effectively.

Then the fun begins. The creative work that we’ve showcased elsewhere on the website started with those kinds of strategies. Mostly.

When you need help with the strategy part, we have very good people who do that. We’d really like to have that happen at the beginning. We’ve done great creative without it, but it’s like changing a tire on a car going 70 miles an hour.

Our bottom line is that effective work needs to pass a very simple test: a really good answer to the question “Why are we doing this?”