Video Production

Sometimes the message won’t fit in 30 seconds. Sometimes it takes longer to make the Board of Supervisors’ messages come to life. Sometimes you want to explain why the Air National Guard’s in town, or train new workers or establish a direct connection to your audience’s heart.

Long form video, if you keep it interesting, can do that. The tough part is balancing information while keeping it interesting. That’s the art of it all.

We know how to be interesting, and motivating, for more than 60 seconds.

UApresents 2010-2011 Season Video

[flashvideo file=”wp-content/uploads/2010/04/2776-season_teaser-final1.flv” /]

UApresents 2009-2010 Season Video

[flashvideo file=”wp-content/uploads/2009/05/uap2009-2010video.flv” /]

2008 Pima County State of the County Video

2007 Pima County State of the County Video

2006 Pima County State of the County Video